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Walt by Muttlyn
by Muttlyn

Walt Disney was truly a amazing man. He did the voice of Mickey Mouse. He worked on many great disney films. He opened Disneyland. He h...



My Yearbook Meme by gxfan537
My Yearbook Meme
All credit goes to: :iconroyxrizafan:

This is my meme for a yearbook. Hope you'll like it.

Nicest: Edd(Ed Edd & Eddy) & Fluttershy(My Little Pony Equestria Girls/Rainbow Rocks/Friendship Games)
Class Flirt: Captain James T. Kirk(Star Trek & Star Trek Into Darkness) & Jessica Rabbit(Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
Class Clown: Peter Pan(Peter Pan 1-2) & Callidora Yuki(My OC)
Best Hair: Superman(Justice League & Justice League Unlimited) & Sakura(Naruto)
Best Dress: Sam Flynn(Tron Legacy) & Belle(Beauty And The Beast)
Nicest Eyes: Han Solo(Star Wars) & April O'Neil(TMNT)
Cutest Couple: Hiro Hamada(Big Hero 6) & Coraline Jones(Coraline)
Life Of The Party: Beast Boy(Teen Titans) & Meg Griffin(Family Guy)
Most Likely To Accomplish World Domination: Yami Bakura(Yu-Gi-Oh) & Mistress 9(Sailor Moon)
Most Likely To Get Expelled: Light Yagami(Death Note) & Drizella(Cinderella)
Should've Been A Couple: Jack Frost(Rise Of The Guardians) & Elsa(Frozen)
Drama King & Queen: SpongeBob SquarePants(SpongeBob SquarePants TV Show) & Kairi(Kingdom Hearts)
Most Likely To Come To School Armed: Ralph(Wreck-It Ralph) & Rapunzel(Tangled)
Best To Bring Home To Mom & Dad: Shaggy(Scooby-Doo Where Are You?) & Tiana(The Princess And The Frog)
A Christmas Carol Meme(Muppet Christmas Style) by gxfan537
A Christmas Carol Meme(Muppet Christmas Style)
All credit goes to: :icontoonfanjoey:

This is my a Christmas Carol meme done like the Muppets Christmas Carol. Hope you'll like it.

Ebeneezer Scrooge: Logan aka Wolverine(X-Mem movies)
Bob Cratchett: The Onceler(The Lorax)
Nephew Fred: Jim Hawkins(Treasure Planet)
Two collectors for the poor(Bunsen & Beaker): Tintin(The Adventures Of Tintin) & Toothless(How To Train Your Dragon 1-2)
Jacob & Robert Marley: Professor X & Magneto(X-Men movies)
Ghost Of Christmas Past: Alice(Alice In Wonderland 1951)
Ghost Of Christmas Present: Discord(My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic)
Ghost Of Christmas Future: Pitch Black(Rise Of The Guardians)
Emily Cratchett: Rapunzel(Tangled)
Belinda Cratchett: Anna(Frozen)
Betina Cratchett: Elsa(Frozen)
Peter Cratchett: Tadashi Hamada(Big Hero 6)
Tiny Tim: Hiro Hamada(Big Hero 6)
Charles Dickens(Gonzo): James P. Sullivan(Monsters Inc. & Monsters University)
Rizzo The Rat: Mike Wazowski(Monsters Inc. & Monsters University)
72 deviations
Chapter 4

Back at Sweet Apple Acres, the chickens were flying down into the yard, and the wind was blowing weeds and dust like crazy. Big Mac ran up to Bubble Berry, and said "Bubble Berry, get the animals loose! Where's Elusive?! Elusive! Elusive! Doggone it!" Elus-!" "Right here!" Elusive said. Big Mac looked at him, and said "Hey, what are you doing there?!" "This is my chance!" Elusive said. "The cyclone is coming! Let me show you what my machine can do! You see, it goes-!" "Doggone it, you!" Big Mac said. "Help Bubble Berry get them animals loose!" "All right, you'll be sorry." Elusive said as he went to help Bubble Berry. "Go on, hurry up!" Big Mac yelled out. "Hurry up, I tell you!" As Bubble Berry and Elusive got the animals running loose, Butterscotch pointed up to the sky, and said "She's here! It's a twister!" Suddenly, Applejack ran out of the farm, and said "Apple Bloom! Apple Bloom!" On the other side, Apple Bloom and Winona were running to the fence, and they looked to the farm. "Come on! Everypony in the storm cellar!" Apple Bloom and Winona moved against the wind as they were making their way to their home.

Applejack called for Apple Bloom as Bubble Berry, Elusive, and Butterscotch made their way to the storm cellar. Applejack ran to Big Mac, and said "Big Mac! Big Mac! Ah can't find Apple Bloom! She's somewhere out in the storm! Apple Bloom!" "She'll be fine!" Big Mac said as he pushed his wife into the cellar. "She'll find her way to the storm cellar!" He then went in the storm cellar, and closed the door. Outside the storm cellar, Apple Bloom and Winona ran into the living room, ran to the kitchen, and went outside as Apple Bloom said "Auntie Applejack! Auntie Applejack!" They went back inside the farm, and went to Apple Bloom's bedroom. "Auntie Applejack!" Apple Bloom called out. Suddenly the window blew loose, and hit her on the head, knocking her out cold, and made her fall on her bed. When she woke up, she felt the whole farm floating in midair, and spinning up through dust. Apple Bloom looked out the window, and looked down. She looked at Winona, and said "We're not on the ground, Winona! We must be up inside the eye of the cyclone!" Suddenly, Apple Bloom turned to see the chicken coop flying through. Then she saw an elderly earth pony on a rocking, and a cow floating through. Winona crawled under Apple Bloom's bed as two earth ponies in a row boat floated in. They waved at Apple Bloom who waved back.

Winona looked out from under the bed, and saw a cow floating by that mooed. Just then Princess Cadence riding in her carriage floated by as Apple Bloom gasped in fright, and said "Oh, Winona, look! It's her! Princess Cadence!" As Princess Cadence moved in closer to the window, she magically turned into a changeling queen. She cackled and disappeared from sight. The farm continued to spin as Apple Bloom screamed in horror. Finally the farm crashed onto the ground. Apple Bloom recovered, and looked around. She got off of her bed, and Winona crawled out of the bed. They walked down the stairs, and went up to the front door. Apple Bloom then opened the door, and what she and Winona saw surprised them. Everything around them looked exactly like Ponyville, except it was different. The sky was pink instead of blue, and the ground was blue and white checkered instead of the normal ground. "Winona, Ah've got a feeling we're not in Ponyville anymore." Apple Bloom said as she and Winona looked around. Little do they know that they were being watch by some ponies. "We must be over the rainbow!" Apple Bloom said. Then they looked behind them to see a big pink bubble floating towards her and Winona. Then the bubble floated to the ground, and flashed a bright light. When the light faded, an alicorn with a light cerulean, light turquoise, very light cobalt blue, and pale heliotrope mane, pale, light grayish magenta eyes, and a sun for her cutie mark named Princess Celestia appeared.

Apple Bloom stared in shock, and said "Now Ah-Ah know we're not in Ponyville." Princess Celestia looked down on Apple Bloom, and said "Are you a good alicorn, or a bad alicorn?" "Who, me?" Apple Bloom asked. "Why, Ah'm not an alicorn at all. Ah'm Apple Bloom from Ponyville." "Oh! Well, is that the alicorn?" Princess Celestia asked as she looked down on Winona. "Who, Winona?" Apple Bloom asked. "Winona's mah dog." "Well, I'm a little muddled." Princess Celestia said. "The ponies called me because a new alicorn has just dropped a farm on the Wicked Alicorn of the East named Nightmare Moon. And there's the farm, and here you are, and that's all is left of Nightmare Moon. So, what the ponies want to know is, are you a good alicorn, or a bad alicorn?" Apple Bloom looked to see that under the farm was Nightmare Moon being crushed by the weight of the farm, wearing red ruby slippers on her hooves. She looked at Princess Celestia, and said "Oh, but Ah've already told ya'll, Ah'm not an alicorn at all. Alicorns are old and ugly." In the background, the ponies are giggling. Apple Bloom looked around, and said "What was that?" "The ponies." Princess Celestia said. "They're laughing because I am an alicorn. I'm Princess Celestia, the Good Alicorn of the North." Apple Bloom gasped, bowed, and said "You are! Oh, Ah beg your pardon! But, Ah've never heard of a beautiful alicorn before." "Only bad alicorns are ugly." Princess Celestia said. "The ponies are happy because you have freed them from Nightmare Moon the Wicked Alicorn of the East."

"Oh. But if you please, what are the ponies?" Apple Bloom asked. "The little ones who live in this land." Princess Celestia said. "It's Discorded Ponyville, and you are their national heroine, my dear." She looked to the ponies, and said "It's all right. You may all come out, and thank her. It's all right now. You may all come out." All the ponies came out, and started to thank Apple Bloom. The ponies began to celebrate as they started to chant  "Ding Dong! Nightmare Moon is dead!" Then the earth pony named Mayor Mare went up to Apple Bloom, and said "As mayor of Discorded Ponyville in the county of Discorded Equestria, I welcome you most regally." "Oh, thank you." Apple Bloom said. "You are most welcome." Mayor Mare said. Suddenly a puff of green smoke popped out of nowhere, and a changling with a cerulean mane, moderate harlequin eyes with dark grayish opal pupils, and holes in her hooves and horn named Queen Chrysalis appeared. The ponies screamed in terror, and they got on the ground, and hid their faces with their hooves. As Queen Chrysalis looked at Nightmare Moon's hooves, Apple Bloom and Winona hid under Princess Celestia's wing. "Ah thought you said she was dead!" Apple Bloom said. "That was her sister, Nightmare Moon the Wicked Alicorn of the East." Princess Celestia said. "This is Queen Chrysalis the Wicked Changeling Alicorn of the West. She's worst than the other one." Queen Chrysalis looked at Princess Celestia, approached her, and said "Who killed my sister? Who killed Nightmare Moon?" She looked down on Apple Bloom, and said "Was it you?! Answer me!" As she trembled in fear, Apple Bloom said "No! No, It was an accident! Ah didn't mean to kill anypony!"

Queen Chrysalis smirked, and said "Well, my little pretty, I can cause accidents too." "Aren't you forgetting the ruby slippers?" Princess Celestia asked. Queen Chrysalis smiled, and said "The slippers. Yes, the slippers!" She approched her sister's hooves, but then the ruby slippers disappeared. She looked at Princess Celestia, and said "They're gone! The ruby slippers! What have you done with them?! Give them back, or I'll-!" "It's too late!" Princess Celestia said interrupting the changeling queen. "There they are, and there they'll stay." She pointed to Apple Bloom's hooves. Apple Bloom looked down on her hooves to see that she was wearing the ruby slippers. "Oh! What the hay!" Queen Chrysalis glared at the filly, and said "Give me back my slippers! I'm the only one that knows how to use them. They're of no use to you! Give them back to me! Give them back!" Princess Celestia looked down at Apple Bloom, and said "Keep tight inside of them. Their magic must be very powerful, or she wouldn't want them so badly!" Queen Chrysalis growled at Princess Celestia, and said "You stay out of this, Celestia, or I'll fix you as well!" Princess Celestia scoffed, and said "You have no power here. Be gone, before somepony drops a farm on you too." Queen Chrysalis growled, and said "Very well. I'll bide my time." She looked down on Apple Bloom, and said "And as for you, my fine filly, it's true I can't attend to you here and now as I'd like, but just try to stay out of my way! Just try! I'll get you my pretty! And your little dog, too!" She cackled, and disappeared in a puff of green smoke.

"It's all right. You can get up. She's gone. It's all right. You can all get up." Princess Celestia said as the ponies got up, and walked up to her. She sniffed, and said "Pooh, what a smell of sulphur!" She looked at Apple Bloom, and said "I'm afraid you've made rather a bad enemy of Queen Chrysalis the Wicked Changeling Alicorn of the West. The sooner you get out of Discorded Equestria altogether, the safer you'll sleep, my dear." "Oh, Ah'd give anything to get out of Discorded Equestria altogether." Apple Bloom said. "But which is the way back to Ponyville? Ah can't go the way Ah came." "No, that's true." Princess Celestia said. "The only pony who might know would be the great and wonderful Unicorn of Discorded Equestria herself!" "The Unicorn of Discorded Equestria?" Apple Bloom asked. "Is she good, or is she wicked?" "Oh, very good, but very mysterious." Princess Celestia said. "She lives in the Emerald Canterlot, and that's a long journey from here. Did you bring your carriage with you?" "No, Ah'm afraid I didn't." Apple Bloom said. "Well then, you'll have to walk." Princess Celestia said. "The ponies will see you safely to the border of Discorded Ponyville. And remember, never let those ruby slippers off your hooves for a moment, or you will be at the mercy of Queen Chrysalis the Wicked Changeling Alicorn of the West." "But how do Ah start for Emerald Canterlot?" Apple Bloom asked.

"It's always best to start at the beginning." Princess Celestia said. "And all you have to do is follow the yellow brick road." "But what happens if I-!" Apple Bloom tried to say, but Princess Celestia interuppted her, and said "Just follow the yellow brick road." Then Princess Celestia disappeared in the pink bubble, and it floated away. "My!" Apple Bloom said in shock. "Ponies come and go so quickly." She stepped on the yellow brick road, and started walking as she said "Follow the yellow brick road. Follow the yellow brick road." "Follow the yellow brick." Mayor Mare said. "Follow the yellow brick road." An earth pony named Dr. Whooves said. "Follow the yellow brick road." A unicorn named Lyra Heartstrings said. "Follow the yellow brick road." Bon-Bon said. "Follow the yellow brick road!" A unicorn named Colgate said. Apple Bloom nodded, and said "Come on, Winona!" Winona barked, and began to follow her. The ponies waved goodbye as Apple Bloom and Winona continued to walk down the yellow brick road.
My Little Wizard Of Oz Chapter 4
Here's chapter 4 of My Little Wizard Of Oz. Hope you'll like it.
My father and I saw the red moon. It was very beautiful, and I hope you guys enjoyed it.


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Yu-Gi-Oh Disney fan
United States
I love Yu-Gi-Oh and Disney, and i love how Animeangelgirl15 combined them into one. I wish they would come back on Youtube. I'm one of those brave people that cried at Star Trek - Into The Darkness…

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