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Chapter 2

Once Dusk Shine was out of sight, Twilight Sparkle walked up to a small garden, and gathered some deadly nightshade herbs. She then went back to Abacus Cinch's house, and went into her lab to put the deadly nightshade herbs into its jar. She heard Abacus Cinch walking into the lab, and quickly placed the the jar in the cuboard, and closed it. "Twilight Sparkle, you've come back." Abacus Cinch said. Twilight Sparkle nodded, and said "I had to." "For this?" Abacus Cinch asked as she held up Twilight Sparkle's hoof that waved with her magic. "Yes." Twilight Sparkle said. "Shall we then?" Abacus Cinch asked. Twilight Sparkle nodded, and they went over to the examination table. Twilight Sparkle lied down on the table, and as Abacus Cinch sewed her hoof back into her body, she said "That's twice this month you've slipped deadly nightsade into my tea, and run off." "Three times." Twilight Sparkle said. "You're mine, you know!" Abacus Cinch said. "I made you with my own hooves!" "You can make other creations." Twilight Sparkle said. "I'm restless! I can't help it!" Abacus Cinch sighed, and said "It's a phase, my dear. It'll pass. We need to be patient, that's all." "But I don't want to be patient!" Twilight Sparkle whined out. In the Everfree Forest, Winona barked at Dusk Shine as if she's telling him that she wants to play fetch. Dusk Shine shook his head, and said "No, Winona. Not now. I'm not in the mood." Persistent, Winona floated in front of Dusk Shine, and barked at him. He sighed, and said "All right." He ripped a rib bone from his rib cage, and held onto it with his magic as he said "Here you go, girl. Fetch." He tossed it, and Winona chased after it. She looked around, and using her glowing nose, she  found it under a hollow tree. She held onto it with her mouth, and she followed Dusk Shine who continued to walk.

-The next morning-

Back in Nightmare Night Town, Dr. Whooves, a zombified unicorn named Vinyl Scratch, and a zombified earth pony named Octavia Melody woke up from their sleep, and Mayor Mare walked up to them as she said "Morning, friends." "Morning, Mayor." Vinyl Scratch said as she yawned. Mayor mare hummed a tune as she walked through the gate, and walked up the stairs to Dusk Shine's front door. She rang the bell that made a loud screaming noise, and said "Dusk Shine, you home?" There was no answer, so Mayor Mare became worried as she switch her face to a sad look. She knocked on the door with desperation, and she switched back to a happy face as she held up the plans for next Nightmare Night, and said "Dusk Shine? I've got the plans for next Nightmare Night. I need to go over them with you so we can get started." She then swtiched to a sad and worried face, and said "Dusk Shine, please, I'm only an elected official here, I can't make decisions by myself!" She took out a megaphone, and said "Dusk Shine, answer me!" She suddenly fell down the steps, and rolled to the gate. "He's not home." Vinyl Scratch said. "Where is he?" Mayor Mare asked. "He hasn't been home all night." Octavia Melody said. Mayor Mare moaned in dispair.

-Meanwhile in the Everfree Forest-

Dusk Shine and Winona walked on the path, and Dusk Shine yawned as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, and said "Where are we?" He looked around, and said "It's someplace new." Winona barked as if she was saying that she has no idea where they are.  Dusk Shine walked to the center of circle of trees with doors on them, and said "What is this?" He looked at the doors that are shaped like icons of holidays. One door was for Hearts and Hooves Day, one door was for St. Patricks Day, one door was for Bunny Day, one door was for Thanksgiving Day, one door was for Independence Day, one door was for Nightmare Night, and one door was for Hearths Warming Eve. Dusk Shine turned around, and gasped at the sight of the Hearths Warming Eve door. He approached it, and opened it. He looked down inside, looked down at Winona, and shrugged. Suddenly, a gust of wind, and some snowflakes pulled him in as he said "Whoa!" The Hearths Warming Eve door closed, and Winona barked as if she was wondering what just happened.
My Little Nightmare Before Christmas Chapter 2
Here's chapter 2 of My Little Nightmare Before Christmas. Hope you'll like it.
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Chapter 5

Later that night, Shining Armor went into the armory, and opened a closet that contained his armor complete with his helmet, and his sword. Rainbow Dash was walking by while holding a candle when she heard the sound of her father pulling out his sword, and playing around with it. Rainbow Dash poked her head at the door as Shining Armor gasped in pain, and dropped his sword. Rainbow Dash wanted to help her father, but she held herself back. Shining Armor struggled to get up, and he looked at his conscription notice. Rainbow Dash backed away from the door to the armory, and silently panted in fear. An hour later it was dinnertime, and Rainbow Dash were having salad, hay burgers, and tea. They were eating and drinking in silence as thunder and lightning struck outside their house. Suddenly, Rainbow Dash snapped as she stood up from seat, looked at her father, and said "You shouldn't have to go!" "Rainbow Dash!" Rarity said trying to get her daughter to stay silent. Rainbow Dash ignored her mother, and said "There are plenty of other stallions to fight for Equestria!" "It is an honor to protect Equestria, and my family." Shining Armor said. "So, you'll die for honor?!" Rainbow Dash asked in anger. Feeling angry, Shining Armor stood up from his seat, and said "I will die doing what's right!" "But if you-!" Rainbow Dash tried to say, but Shining Armor interrupted her, and said "I know my place! It is time you learned yours!" Completely upset, Rainbow Dash ran out of the room as Shining Armor sat back down into his seat, and Rarity and Granny Smith looked on, feeling concerned.

Rainbow Dash ran out onto the back porch, and cried her eyes out as it began to rain. Later on, she was sitting on the base of the Great Stone Dragon in the rain as she looked at her reflection in a small puddle. She then looked at her parents's bedroom window to see her parents talking to each other. Rarity then walked out of sight as she began to settle in the bed for the night. Shining Armor then blew out the candle, and joined his wife in the bed. Not wanting to loose her father for good, Rainbow Dash decided that there was only one thing left to do: join the army in her father's place. She got up from her seat, and walked to the family temple. She then lit the incense, and placed it in the hanging encense holder with a small dragon on it. She bowed and prayed to her ancestors. She then got up, and ran down the steps, unaware of Seabreeze following her. Rainbow Dash went into her house, and silently walked into her parents's bedroom. She then quietly took the conscription notice, and replaced it with her small red comb. She gave her parents a loving, and yet, sorrowful look, and then she hurried out of the room.

She then went into the armory, and took out her father's sword. She then used it to cut her mane short, and then, she tied it up above her head. Shen then put on her father's armor, and she placed her sword in the scabbard to her left. Then she walked out of her house, and went next door to wake up Derpy Hoof. She went in her friend's bedroom, and shook her awake as she whispered out "Hey. Hey, Derpy! Wake up!" Derpy Hoof woke up, and screamed in terror as she said "Who are you?!" Rainbow Dash then quickly shut her up as she whispered out "Derpy! It's me: Rainbow Dash!" Derpy Hoof finally calmed down as she whispered out "Rainbow Dash? What are you doing, here?" "I'm going to join the army in my father's place." Rainbow Dash whispered out. "And I need you to get me to the army camp in Appleloosa." "But you could get in big trouble for this!" Derpy Hoof whispered out. "But I'm doing this for my father." Rainbow Dash whispered out. "And I need your help." Derpy Hoof sighed, and whispered out "Ok." With her stuff packed, Rainbow Dash got into the carriage, and they took off to the camp in Appleloosa as Derpy Hoof pulled the carriage. Back in Rainbow Dash's house, Granny Smith woke up with a start on her bed. She then lit a candle up, and ran out of her bedroom. She went into Shining Armor and Rarity's bedroom, and said "Rainbow Dash is gone!"

Shining Armor and Rarity then woke up from their sleep as Shining Armor said "What?" He looked down on his night stand to see a comb instead of his conscription notice. He picked it up with his magic, and muttered "It can't be." He went into the armory, and opened the closet to see that his armor was gone. He ran outside as said "Rainbow Dash!" He then tripped, and looked up as he said "No." Rarity ran outside, and knelt down next to her husband as she said "You must go after her. She could be killed!" Shining Armor shook his head, and said "If I reveal her, she will be." Rarity then started crying as Shining Armor embraced her. Granny Smith looked out the front door of the house, and frowned as she said "Ancestors, hear our prayer. Watch over Rainbow Dash."
My Little Mulan Chapter 5
Here's chapter 5 of My Little Mulan. Hope you'll like it.
Hey. Happy late Mother's Day. Hope that day you had was better than mine was. Especially since my own mother walked out on me, and then died of cancer years later.


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I love Yu-Gi-Oh and Disney, and i love how Animeangelgirl15 combined them into one. I wish they would come back on Youtube. I'm one of those brave people that cried at Star Trek - Into The Darkness…

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